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June 17, 2021
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Policy recommendations for Long Term Care in Canada (and beyond)

By: Cindy Cain

July 9, 2021

 A new policy commentary, “Moving long-term care from a vicious to virtuous cycle,” by Tamara Daly, Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, and Katie Aubrecht, argues that COVID-19 offers an opportunity to make needed changes to long term care policy in Canada. Here is their recommended 3-facet approach:

1) implement a new set of national principles based on values to shape seniors’ care

2) recognize, through federal funding, that we share risk for LTC, because a person’s needs can progress beyond the capacity of any single family to manage

3) enable a shift away from the idea that care is a commodity, toward a recognition that good care requires decent working conditions, as well as greater public oversight, to produce the needed public benefit

As policymakers and researchers around the world consider what’s next, these recommendations are a fruitful place to start.


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