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The Carework Network organized a bilingual (Spanish and English) three-day conference and brought together carework researchers, scholars, and stakeholders from across the globe. More than 250 people attended the Third Global Carework Summit, a substantial increase from previous Summits. Our participants came from 32 countries and represented various interest groups, including academics, activists, and policymakers. Over three days, we held three keynote events, 35 sessions of presentations, two lunchtime conversations with book authors, and many opportunities to network and share ideas. Our theme, “Carework in uncertain times: convergences and divergences around the world,” represents our focus on uncertainty along multiple intersecting dimensions: social, economic, political, and ecological. This uncertainty has long been evident in Latin America and other regions in the global south. The COVID-19 pandemic and its reverberating shocks have deepened uncertainty and made it more visible worldwide. In the third global summit, we asked questions such as 1) How does uncertainty shape the understanding and social organization of carework? 2) How does putting carework at the center help us imagine sustainable futures where care is a collective responsibility? 3) What are the convergences in how carework is understood and organized globally? and 4) What are the divergences, given varied capacities, cultures, histories, and experiences in different countries and regions? We received submissions in English and Spanish that moved beyond paid and unpaid care binaries and probed intersections of individuals, families, community, market, and the state. Participants at the conference engaged in analysis of the interlocking inequalities of gender, class, race, and migration, and convergences and divergences in the understanding and social organization of carework across regions, using different approaches that analyze a specific sectoral or geographic context.

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We welcomed proposals for the following submission types:
  • Individual paper proposals should include an extended abstract of 1,000 words.
  • Fully constituted panel proposals should describe the topic and relationship between papers in no more than 1,000 words and provide 500-word abstracts for each paper. Panels should have 3-5 papers. We encourage panels that brought together participants from different institutions, countries, and regions. We particularly encourage and will prioritize panels that include participants from the global South and North instead of just one context.
  • Public dialogue proposals will communicate research findings and arguments in a concise manner that is suitable to a nonacademic audience. These dialogues will take the form of 5-minute presentations followed by ample discussion and serve as a bridge among scholars, policymakers, stakeholders, and the broader public. Proposals should include an abstract of 500 words.
Topics included but were not limited to:
  • The impact of global health crises on carework
  • How economic and political uncertainties shape carework through privatization, outsourcing or informalization by the state
  • How neoliberal policies individualize risk
  • The longstanding need for more state responsibility for carework
  • How the erosion of carework conditions has gendered, racialized, and classed implications
  • Migrants’ transnational carework
  • Gendered divisions of care provision in families and communities
  • How to defamilize care to achieve gender equality through new visions of fatherhood, community support, and state responsibility
  • Labor organizing to improve conditions of care work
  • How environmental crises impact the conditions of care work. And how quality carework might create a more sustainable world.


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June 7, 2023

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June 8, 2023
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June 9, 2023

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The Carework Network had its first awards ceremony at the Third Global Summit in Costa Rica! We had the opportunity to celebrate and honor the inaugural winners of three awards.  

El Premio a la Intervención Pública en los Cuidados / The Public Engagement Award

From its very beginnings, the network’s founders were determined that it would not just be a place for academics, but for people engaged in policy, advocacy, and community-based work. To honor that mission, the Public Engagement Award recognizes contributions that engage with the broader public and that bridge carework conversations between scholars, policymakers, and stakeholders.

It gives us great pleasure to celebrate two co-winners for the 2023 Public Engagement Award.

El Colectivo 506, a bilingual media outlet that empowers and connects voices in Costa Rica, published “Las Titas,” an edition that makes visible the contribution of older adults in the work of caring for children and other older adults. Please join us in congratulating El Colectivo 506’s cofounders Katherine Stanley Obando and Mónica Quesada Cordero as they celebrate this honor with the @elcolectivo506 team!

The Shape of Care Podcast, is a podcast that focuses each episode on stories from and about care workers and the people they care for, and links these experiences with salient work from academics, policymakers, labor activists, policymakers, and leaders of social welfare programs. Please join us in congratulating @Mindy_Fried, the podcast creator and host, as she celebrates with @theshapeofcare team!

We also awarded an Honorable Mention to The Care Lab, a space within the Whitworth Collection’s Care Centre. The Care Lab promotes the idea that “the care we give and receive is improved if we attend to its art-like qualities, and that art making is improved when care is central to its ethos.”  Please join us in congratulating the entire CARE Aesthetics Research Exploration Project (AHRC) team at the University of Manchester @CareAesths!

El Premio Cuidado en Acción / The Care in Action Award

The Network’s Third Global Summit would never have gotten off the ground without the efforts of the local organizing committee and the support of the larger community of San José. The Network wanted to show our appreciation by honoring a local organization that embodies the Carework Network’s commitment to supporting the self-determination of careworkers, whether through advocacy, organizing, or mutual aid activities.  

This year we awarded the first Care in Action Award to the Asociación de Trabajadoras Domésticas de Costa Rica (ASTRADOMES). Astradomes is a grassroots organization that fights for the rights and visibility of domestic workers. It’s an amazing organization, and we are all glad that the Carework Network could demonstrate our support for this organization and the work it does and continues to do.  Please join us in congratulating @astradomes!

El Premio a los Fundadores / The Founders Award

We are thrilled to announce that Mignon Duffy is the inaugural Carework Network Founders’ Award recipientThe Founders’ Award recognizes someone who embodies the founders’ efforts to establish the Network. To quote two Steering Committee members, “Mignon’s vision has always been expansive and inclusive;” she “is an extremely gifted leader who inspires others with her passion and tireless commitment to the Network.” We also want to highlight her instrumental role in developing Carework Network innovations, like establishing a stand-alone Summit and the Carework Network Responds Website. Please join us in congratulating Mignon Duffy!



Thanks to our sponsors’ generous support, we included interpretive services so that English and Spanish speakers could participate fully in the event and waive registration fees for 55 participants!

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The 2023 Costa Rica Summit Subcommittee of the Carework Network.

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To subscribe to the Carework Network listserv, please contact Darcie Boyer by email: with your name, affiliation, and email.

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The Carework Network is an international organization of scholars and advocates who focus on the caring work of individuals, families, communities, paid and unpaid caregivers, social service agencies and state bureaucracies. Care needs are shifting globally with changing demographics, disability movements, and climate change driven environmental crises. Our mission is to address critical issues related to carework, such as how identities influence carework; how inequality structures carework; how caring work is recognized and compensated; how national and global policies influence the distribution of care; the relationship between care work and movements for democracy, labor rights and social justice; care worker migration; working conditions of care; the impact of technology and artificial intelligence on care; the different experience of care in urban and rural areas; and whether and to what extent citizens have a right to receive, and a right to provide, care.